Uncomplicated (Hillsong Young and Free)

There’s a simplicityHumility to the way You love meAn honesty, a purityGod, You make it easy
No special words or formulasCould ever win You overFor your love is undeserved
Even when I can’t see clearlySomehow You still make it easy
Your love’s uncomplicatedYou love me just the way I amSo I stand before YouI’m totally surrenderedWith open hands and open heartJesus, have Your way in meJesus, have Your way in
My brokenness, my lonelinessAnd the secrets You seeMy deepest thoughts, my hidden warsGod, You see right through me
Even when I’m overthinkingSomehow You still love me simply
I could sing over and overI love You, it never grows oldHow could I tell You enoughThat I love You, I love You, Lord(I could, yeah)

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